UNAM Los Angeles offers online education programs through the University's Open and Distance Education System (SUAyED).


The SUAyED is a flexible system that encourages independent study, and that helps overcome the challenges of time, place, age and work.


UNAM Los Angeles offers the following online programs:


B@UNAM High School

Complete your High School online and in Spanish.

Bachelor's Degree

Next enrollment period: September 2019

Study online through the Open University and Online Education System. There are 21 programs available.


Learn more about the specializations offered by the SUAyED.


The SUAyED offers three maester's online.


The SUAyED offers three Doctorate degrees online.

Grandes Maestros.UNAM

This program offers a series of high profile courses, open to the public, that span across different fields of knowledge and that are taught by some of the most renowned academics from our University. These courses are broadcasted live and are taught in Spanish.


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