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What does UNAM do in Los Angeles?


UNAM Los Angeles is a result of the globalization and internationalization of the university. Our mission is to represent UNAM in California to foster and link education, science, and culture between Mexico and the United States.


Is UNAM LA the only branch abroad?

UNAM Los Angeles is one of the 9 branches of UNAM abroad. Our sister branches are located in San Antonio (Texas), Chicago, Canada, Seattle, China, Costa Rica, Madrid, and Paris.



Spanish and English Courses

How do I enroll?


  1. Fill out the online registration form

  2. Take the placement test

  3. Pay the cost of the course before the first day of class


Will I get a certificate after completing the course?


UNAM Los Angeles provides a certificate to the students that successfully finish the course.


I need to provide proof that I know Spanish. Can you help me?


UNAM Los Angeles offers two exams that certify your Spanish proficiency. These certificates can be used to provide proof of your Spanish skills for school or working purposes.


What are the qualifications of your teachers?


Our teachers specialize in teaching Spanish, hold studies in applied linguistics and are certified in teaching Spanish by the Center for Foreign Students at UNAM.


I am a Spanish or English teacher, can I work at UNAM Los Angeles?


If you are a language teacher, we look forward to receiving your resume. Please send your CV and cover letter detailing your experience and training to:

Online Education

What is the SUAyED?

The University Open and Distance Education System (SUAyED) is one of the educational methods of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). It is based on independent study with personal and distance counseling, according to the curriculum of the chosen career and the schools and colleges of UNAM, with the use of information technology and communication as tools for support in the teaching-learning process.


Where can I find the online programs of UNAM?


Please visit the SUAyED webpage at: WWW.SUAYED.UNAM.MX



Online High School

What is the Online High School?

It is an updated and online educational alternative aimed at people who for various reasons have not had the opportunity to study or complete their High School studies, enabling them to develop skills and learning to continue studies in any degree.

The online High School offers an innovative curriculum that provides knowledge of social sciences, humanities and mathematics independently. The subjects are integrated around issues of importance in the daily life of the student and key themes in today's world, the contents focus on issues of interest with cutting edge pedagogical and didactic approaches, which facilitate student learning. Throughout High School the student has the support of highly trained advisors, mentors and academic coordinators. A certificate is provided after finishing the program.


What is the total duration of the Online High School?

The Online High School has a total duration of 2 years and 9 months.


How are the courses taught?

The preliminary and course subjects are available online 24/7 during the allowed enrollment period. Students need to have a computer with Internet access in order to be in touch with the counselors and tutors by using the online platform. The exams are taken in person at the end of each course.


Do I need to log online at a specific time or place to enroll in the online program?

There is no fixed schedule and you can study anywhere through a computed connected to the Internet, but the program does require 10 hours of study a week for the preliminary courses and 20 weekly hours for each subject.


What are the tutorials?

They are brief courses for any person that wants information about the Online High School or to develop the computing skills necessary to begin the preliminary courses.


What are the preliminary courses?

They provide an introduction and necessary updates to enroll in the online courses. They are three courses and the students will take a test after completing each one. The courses are the following:

  • Distance learning strategies (2 weeks)

  • Reading and writing (4 weeks)

  • Math (4 weeks).

Once the student registers, he or she can complete the courses online with the access keys provided.


What happens if I don't pass the preliminary courses?

The preliminary courses are very important for this educational model, and they are a requirement to enroll in the subjects. Students can retake the courses in a determined period or in the next enrollment period.


What do the advisors and tutors do?

The advisor is the online teacher that supports the performance of students by guiding the topics, answering questions and grading the course. The tutor is the specialist in education and provides psychological support to students and advisors.


How is learning evaluated?

The advisor evaluates the diagnostic, educational, and certification activities, as well as the homework needed for each course. Some activities generate a grade automatically that is integrated to the midterm and final exams. The student can always access his grades in the course screen.


What are the benefits of studying online?

Several studies have shown that online learning is equal or better than other on-site High Schools. Distance learning requires more perseverance, organization and time management, which requires a great sense of responsibility. This program has the advantage of having a new research plan, with updated subjects and courses that cover the need for continuing your education or engaging in productive work.


If I have already studied part of my High School studies, can I obtain credit for the courses I have already taken?

There is no accreditation in the Online High School because subjects are designed in an interdisciplinary manner.


Can I finish the program faster?

No, the program only allows students to register for one subject at a time, so every student needs to finish his studies in the established periods.

Online Bacherlor's Degrees

How can I enroll in the University's Open and Distance Education System (SUAyED)?


In Los Angeles, there is an enrollment period once a year in October. You can enroll by one of the following options:


  • Take the admission's exam if you:

    • Change from the on-site school to the open system.

    • Want to enroll in a simultaneous degree.

    • Want to enroll in a second undergraduate degree.

    • Want to enroll after the first year by accreditation.


If I am admitted to the on-site educational system, can I transfer to the University's Open and Distance Education System?


Yes as long as there is available space. If you are a first year student, you can ask for the transfer 15 days after the courses start, or after being enrolled for at least one semester, do not have pending credits and hold a 7.5 minimum average.

SUAyED students cannot transfer to the on-site system.

I have an undergraduate degree from UNAM, I currently work and want to enroll in a different career. What can I do?

You need to apply for a secondary degree. It is for those that have obtained a previous degree with a 8.0 minimum average.

The requirements are published in the UNAM Gazette and the process is done online at

I am enrolled in another university and I want to transfer to UNAM. If I am accepted, will my previous coursework be accredited?


Yes, as long as the requirements from the Incorporation and Accreditation Department are met.
If you want to enroll in the online system, you will need to take the preliminary courses.

I started an undergraduate program over 10 years ago but I did not finish my degree. What can I do to enroll in the same degree in the Distance Education System?


You first need to contact the student services of your school or faculty to see what is your academic situation and determine the possibilities of finishing your degree. However, you can enroll in any other degree by taking the admission's exam.


Can I finish my degree faster than the regular time periods?

If you are not enrolled in a course, you can apply for extraordinary exams if you meet the following requirements:

  • Have a 7.0 minimum average

  • Take the exams according to the curriculum

  • Ask in writing for the exams at the SUAyED


If you are enrolled in a course subject, and you do not wish to wait for the established times for the tests set by your school or faculty, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a 7.0 minimum average

  • Ask in writing the permission to take the tests at the SUAyED


In both cases you must consider that if you do not take or accredit three subjects, you sill lose the possibility of using this form of accreditation.


I have a degree from one of the degrees offered by the SUAyED, what are my possibilities to continue with my professional formation?


The students of SUAyED have the same professional opportunities than the on-site students. You can obtain a second degree, study a graduate degree or participate in the student exchange programs with other universities. Also, UNAM offers its alumni a wide range of continuing education activities.

Are the SUAyED degrees different from the on-site degrees?

No, the degrees are the same as the ones provided for on-site students.