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The importance of the Latin vote in the 2016 elections in the United States

The participation of the Latino community has the potential to redefine American politics. That was one of the most powerful messages shared on the forum, "The Importance of the Latino Vote in the 2016 Elections in the United States. Implications for Mexico," held on August 15 and 16 at the Héctor Fix-Zamudio Auditorium, under the coordination of the UNAM Institute for Legal Research. The lectures analyzed the relevance of the participation of the Hispanic community in the US presidential elections to be held next November. It was also stressed that both dialogue and cultural diplomacy play an important roll on informing and educating communities, contributing to leaving behind stereotypes t

Spanish for US Students with Hispanic Heritage.

"It is important for students to know and love the culture from which they come from in order to know and love the culture of the country to which they arrive," said PhD Ana Maria Gonzalez Martin, during the conference "Spanish for U.S. Students with Hispanic Heritage," which happened August 16 at UNAM-LA. During the lecture, the expert in language acquisition, who also teaches Spanish at the Camilo Jose Cela, Francisco de Vitoria and the International of La Rioja (UNITE) universities, shared reflections based on the results of her work as a teacher of Spanish as heritage language in a high school in Texas, USA. According to Dr. Gonzalez, while the European education systems make big efforts

"Naia, Our Origin": The Archaeological Wealth of the Yucatan Peninsula Has An Emmy Nominat

The cenotes, unique geological structures of the Yucatan Peninsula, are important witnesses of our past, according to Guillermo de Anda, Mexican archaeologist and National Geographic explorer. He was present during the presentation of the news story, "Naia: Our Origin," and during the lecture "The Origin of the Rituals of the Maya Cenotes," last July 22 at the LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. UNAM Los Angeles, committed to the promotion of the natural wealth of Mexico, participated in the event, which was attended by Carlos Eugenio Garcia de Alba Zepeda, Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles, and by over a hundred attendees, who were fascinated by the images and data presented. In this Univisi

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