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Picasso, Andy Warhol & International Food

July has been quite an active month for the TOEFL Preparation Course and the Beginner Workshop on Film Production students. On Saturday July 16, they visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA, and filled their eyes with art and culture. After taking some pictures at the iconic Urban Light, a sculpture consisting of a series of street iron lamps that were restored and installed by American artist Chris Burden, the students freely explored the museum and its galleries, approaching artworks from different continents and various artistic trends. Picasso, Diego Rivera and Andy Warhol were some of the big ones that showed up. After the museum, the students headed to "The Grove," an outdo

Urban Sightings: Los Angeles. Conference with Xóchitl Munguía-Cuén and Artist Sand Oner

There is no obstacle big enough to stop us from meeting our goals; at least, that is the message that the artist Sand Oner shared at the conference "Urban Sightings: Los Angeles," held on July 18 at UNAM Los Angeles, with the participation of Art Historian Xóchitl Munguía-Cuén and UNAM Los Angeles Academic Dean, Aída Espinosa. During the two hours of the presentation, which took place at the Edison Room, Xóchitl Munguía-Cuén, art expert, and Sand Oner, urban painter, shared data and images on the wide visual heritage of Southern California, a diverse and changing place. The walls of Los Angeles, with the help of its artists, reflect the past and the present of a community that comes not only

Home Run Sunday at Dodger Stadium

Which better way to spend a summer Sunday than in a Dodgers game? Students from the TOEFL preparation course experienced one of the most popular traditions in American sport: Visiting the Dodger Stadium. The guys attended the San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgers game. The home team won and the enthusiasm showed up. From their seats, and despite the relentless heat, the guys looked each inning with emotion and celebrated every time the Dodger's score raised. During the breaks, attendees had the opportunity to tour the different levels of the stadium, buy souvenirs, eat the famous "Dodger dogs," and take memorable photos that quickly traveled through social media. The course participants al

Beach, Art & Good Music: UNAM Students Are Having Fun This Summer!

Artworks, sun and a Star Trek-style concert: So was the weekend that the students from the Begginer Workshop on Film Production and from the TOEFL Preparation Course had last Saturday July 9 in Los Angeles. UNAM-LA organized a day full of activities, during which the guys visited iconic sites of the city, such as the Getty Museum, the Santa Monica Pier and the espectacular Hollywood Bowl. The first stop was the Getty Museum, one of the most important cultural institutions in the United States. The group had a tour through the works of different periods and artistic currents: Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionism and photography of the twentieth century included. They also looked closely to pai

Schindler- Chase House, an Architectural Jewel of Los Angeles

An architect can draw plans with depth, shape buildings and, hopefully, make artistic trends in a city; but when it comes to building your own home, its design takes on another dimension, and this work becomes an exercise where freedom and creativity take the lead. The Schindler- Chase House, built by renowned Austrian-American architect Rudolf Schindler, associated with the modernist movement and who did most of his work in California, is a reflection of a philosophy in which light, shape and space combine with the materials to create a unique atmosphere. Several participants of the English courses at UNAM-LA attended last Friday, July 8th, a tour to this place; everything was coordinated b

Blaxicans of L.A. Then and Now

Last June, the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles held a series of activities dedicated to recognize Afro-Mexican heritage in South Los Angeles. The title was " Blaxicans of L.A. Then and Now." Thursday June 9, occurred the sixth edition of the forum "Mesa México," in which UNAM-LA participates as an active partner. The goal is to create a space for analysis and discussion on topics of academic, cultural, business, political and social development of the Mexican community in Los Angeles. Sociologist Walter Thompson Hernandez introduced a conversation about the bond between a group of African Americans and Mexicans in South Los Angeles. He talked about the characteristics of this grou

Summer Programs are Here!

At UNAM Los Angeles we are pleased and proud to welcome the students participating in the intensive English courses this summer. We are confident that July 2016 will be an enriching and unique month in their academic and personal lives. The students, who come from diverse academic backgrounds, attend the Workshop on Film Production, the TOEFL Preparation Course and the Verano Puma program. Since the night before their arrival, they shared their concerns and emotions with the UNAM -LA Team. Once in Los Angeles, they checked into their host universities: California State University, Northridge and California State University, Long Beach, where in addition to taking classes, they have the oppor

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