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Astronomy Workshop in Oxnard, California: Bringing Science Closer to the Community

About 200 students of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade of the Juan Lagunas Soria School in Oxnard, California had the opportunity to learn about science, looking at the Sun through a professional telescope and even smell the universe during a day of Astronomy presentations and workshops organized by UNAM Los Angeles in conjunction with the Consulate of Mexico in Oxnard and the scientist Mario De Leo Winkler, a graduate of UNAM and current researcher at the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of California, Riverside. During the first presentation, students learned about stars: What they are made of and how long they can live (up to 10 billion years, as the Sun). Later, with the

Impulsando hoy a los cineastas del mañana: taller inicial de cine en beneficio de la comunidad de Lo

Con gran éxito se llevó a cabo el programa “Los cineastas de mañana, hoy”, el cual busca apoyar el talento hispano a través de un taller inicial de cine realizado durante el festival cinematográfico Hola México 2016. La idea es impulsar el talento de jóvenes cineastas hispanos en Estados Unidos y así promover la diversidad cultural y, sobre todo, la presencia de la comunidad latina en los niveles más altos de la industria del cine, en la que actualmente tiene muy poca representación. Gracias a esta iniciativa, los chicos tuvieron la oportunidad de tomar clases e interactuar con actores, productores y profesionales destacados del medio, y así no solo mejorar sus habilidades y enriquecer sus

Go for the ride, stay for the art!

Art, just as this city, is addicted to motion. So, it decided to jump on the LA Metro and reach the senses of its users, who, in such a hurry, rarely stop to discover the stories this city has to tell and that now narrates in Spanish. Thanks to the initiative of Barbara Lashenick, the Metro Art Docent Council was created ten years ago, starting to offer regular-scheduled tours of the artwork in the Metro Rail system and helping people to connect with the values ​​and emotions that only art is capable of transmitting. At UNAM Los Angeles we are willing to continue our mission of promoting culture, so we joined this project and now we invite the community to these guided tours given in both Sp

Communication, Design and Innovation: Lía Girón on her experience in Los Angeles

Born in Mexico City, and a graduate of the University Center for Film Studies (CUEC) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Cecilia Girón Pérez recalls that as a child, her favorite entertainment was going to the movies. Currently, she combines her time working as a film producer and screenwriter of several projects, including a cross-platform series on indigenous stories and a documentary of traditional Mexican music. Lía, as her friends call her, traveled to L.A. last winter to attend the short-term course, “Communication, Design, and Innovation,” offered by UNAM Los Angeles in the campus of California State University, Northridge. After three weeks, Lía traveled back home

“I Will Always Be A Puma”: Roberto Martin Del Campo

Puma since he was a child, Roberto Martin del Campo thought he would grow up to be a soccer player, not suspecting that the field in which he would make the most interesting movements of his life was going to be in Electrical Engineering. A PhD student, teaching assistant and researcher at the University of Southern California (USC), Roberto came to the United States four years ago from Mexico City, where he was born. When he was five years old, he joined the Pumitas soccer club. Since then, UNAM has been present in his life. Roberto keeps, for instance, several nice memories from the Prepa 6: “The best time of my life happened in that place; I met great friends and amazing teachers. I learn

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