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Strokes of a Life: Haydee Franco, UNAM School of Architecture

Puede encontrar la versión en español al final del artículo. From her desk in Hawthorne, California, seated next to a green wall, Hayde shares with us some of her life experiences."Without thinking, I took a plane and came to Los Angeles," recalls the architect. Hayde Franco Becerril recounts her life with the excitement drawn on her lips. Coming from a poor family in Mexico City, Hayde enrolled in the Prepa 9 of UNAM in 1989, not too long after the death of her father when she was 12. She was left with three sisters and a 33-year-old widowed mother. "My mom could not afford a private education for us, so the day I got the admission letter to UNAM, there were tears." Hayde knew that high sch

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