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Education without borders

Puede encontrar la versión en español al final del artículo. Elena Guadalupe Carrillo Melgar's story is one where the strong ties that Mexican immigrants in the US hold with their motherland meet the technological developments applied to higher education. In addition, her story is framed by a widespread reality in today's universities around the world: people who obtain certified degrees regardless of their place of residency or presence on campus. Elena undertook four years of online classes to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from her home in San Diego, California. Facilitated by the Open University and Distance Education Coordination Office (CUAED by i

The question of water: scarcity or poor management?

Puede encontrar la versión en español al final del artículo. Although it's true that in many places around the world people live under continuous water shortages, José Joel Carrillo Rivera, senior researcher at UNAM’s Geology Department, surprised his audience last March when he assured the problem of water scarcity has to do more with the extremely inefficient ways we use to obtain it, rather than its actual availability. The talk was held in the context of World Water Day and it was reported in an article issued by the Department for Social Affairs (DGCS by its initials in Spanish) at UNAM. The report detailed that in Mexico roughly 15% of the total water waste is spent in domestic consump

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