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Do we really need bottled water?

Puede leer el blog en español abajo. Water, also known as the “blue gold of the 21st century”, has become one of our most valuable resources. Even though access to water should be a right for every person, many companies are selling this precious resource in bottles and at very high prices. Nonetheless, are we aware of the impact that bottled water has on the environment, our health and our buying habits? Currently, this valuable resource is sold in bottles that not only raise its prices, but that they also carry an impact for the environment that we don’t usually consider. With every bottle we consume, there is a process of production, recycling, labeling and transportation of the product t

Desalination in a sustainable manner

Puede leer el blog en español abajo. During the past months we have heard of the controversies related to water shortage in California and surrounding communities due to a prolonged drought. However, California is not the only region suffering from water shortage. In Mexico, the Baja California peninsula is also feeling the effects of the drought and this has prompted scientists from UNAM to come up with a solution for the people of the region. iiDEA is the Institute of Engineering, Desalination and Alternative Energies from UNAM and has created the first geothermal modular desalination in Mexico. But, what does this mean? Despite its intimidating name, this mechanism allows coastal communit

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