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Developing Conservation Strategies

Lorena Villanueva Almanza studied a B.S. in Biology at the Science College at UNAM, as well as a Masters in Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. track on Botany and Plant Sciences at the University of California Riverside. Her passion for the Baja California Peninsula has led her to study the origins and ecology of native and introduced plants in some of the oases of the region. For Lorena, the study of these plants and their interactions with the human populations of the area are important for their best use and for the design of conservation strategies. Lorena has published several papers about her work as a ta

Drones hovering over University City!

When it comes to unmanned aerial vehicles or drones, our imagination can fly as high as they do. Drones have become important tools for scientists, who can optimize efforts and decrease costs of research. Drones contribute to research by capturing aerial images with great precision and effectiveness. Thus, scientists can monitor roads, pathways, flora and fauna. In addition, drones can be used in the prevention of natural disasters, mudslides caused by earthquakes, glacial monitoring, finding fish banks and studying ecological damages, among many other uses. Drones not only provide us with impressive aerial images, but they also offer information analysis in real time. Weighing 7 kilograms,

1st Spanish Brain Awareness Week!

As part of Brain Awareness Week, UNAM and the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles organized a day of science and fun activities for Spanish speaking students. For a couple of hours, students learned about the wonderful world of neuroscience through games and activities aimed at fostering their interest in this field, as well as teaching them how to take care of their minds and bodies. There were four groups of students that attended the event from the neighboring schools of Esperanza, Camino Nuevo and Heart of LA (HOLA). The event included six dynamic exhibits with games and crafts, four digital learning stations, and eight lectures by leading neuroscientists from UCLA. Kids learned a

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