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Can human tissue be regenerated?

We know that certain animals like lizards can regenerate their own tissues; however, humans are incapable of copying these little creatures. This hasn’t stopped scientists from researching how tissue engineering can contribute to repairing and regenerating skin, heart tissue and veins. At UNAM, Dr. Ricardo Vera Graziano leads a group of biologists, engineers, physicists, mathematicians and medical doctors that work towards this goal by combining knowledge of biology and biocompatible materials engineering. Their strategy consists of using biomaterials like polycarbonate-urethane and polylactide to develop the optimal environment for tissue regeneration and repair. This would allow scientists

Neuroscience can be fun!

How does the brain develop and adapt to new situations? What is the contribution of genetic and environmental factors leading to neurodevelopmental diseases, such as autism and schizophrenia? These are some of the questions that Dr. Amaya Miquelajáuregui tries to answer through neuroscience. In her words, "Our brain is probably the most complex living organization, with billions of cells coordinating multiple functions, from breathing to feeling, thinking and learning, making us who we are". Amaya studied Biology at UNAM where she fell in love with the 'living microcosmos'. She continued her education and obtained her Ph.D. at the prestigious International Max Planck Research Program in Neur

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