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Those Who Remain by Juan Carlos Rulfo

If you were part of our Latin American Film Festival, you had the opportunity to enjoy great movies from several filmmakers that have made their mark by exploring the human condition and reflecting upon the realities that Latin American countries are facing. This year Mexico was the honorary guest at the Festival and I had the privilege to meet Juan Carlos Rulfo, Mexican film director and son of the famous writer Juan Rulfo, author of Pedro Páramo. Juan Carlos has been a very active filmmaker creating several documentaries conveying powerful stories that show the diversity and complexity of Mexico’s social fabric. Such documentaries have been recognized in a selection of festivals in Mexico

Shadows With Wings

To talk about bats is to invoke terrifying images of creatures that live in the dark to avoid the light of day; creatures that hide in the dark and bleed their victims to death. The bad reputation of this Chiroptera Mammal, whose upper limbs developed into wings, is based on myths, superstitions, novels and Hollywood movies. Its portray as a pest and a threat that transmits diseases has generated irrational fear in many individuals. Reality is much different; bats are by no means dangerous creatures. They carry out a vital role in the ecosystems, but also, they are of great help to humans. Some bats protect crops by eating other pests like insects that threaten could eat the work of farmers.

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