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As a public university, UNAM offers 21 online Bachelor degrees at no cost for Mexican nationals and affordable fees for foreign students. As of November of 2014, UNAM Los Angeles is an authorized application center for the admissions exam.


What do I need? 


  • Choose the bachelor's degree you wish to study. You can view the online degrees available at

  • Wait for the open call to be published and read it carefully.  

  • Pay and pass the admissions exam.

  • Take the three preliminary courses online.

  • If you obtained your high school degree outside of Mexico, you will need to revalidate your studies and present the Spanish language proficiency exam EPLE


What documents do I need?


  • High school diploma with a 7.0 minimum average (2.0 GPA). UNAM does not accept the GED as a high school equivalent.

  • Middle school certificate. 

  • Birth Certificate.

  • CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población). If you do not know your CURP, visit If the CURP does not appear, you will need to go to the nearest Mexican Consulate to obtain it.

  • Foreign students will need to present the following documents:

    • Average Equivalence (Form F-69), which can be obtained at the General Department of Incorporation and Revalidation at UNAM (Dirección General de Incorporación y Revalidación de Estudios, DGIRE). View the requirements at

    • Certificate awarded by the Center for Foreign Students (Centro de Enseñanza Para Extranjeros, CEPE-UNAM) that proves that the aspiring student is proficient in the Spanish Language. 


How do I enroll?



When is the enrollment period?


  • In Los Angeles, the enrollment and registration period opens once a year in September. Please be aware that registration is open only for one week and there are no extensions.

  • Next enrollment period: September 2019

  • Admission exam for 2018 enrollment: November 14, 2018


How can I study for the admissions exam?



*Notice: Applicants should always complement their study and not adhere only to these study guides. Their use does not guarantee admission to the University. It is recommended to have a thorough knowledge of the subjects and not rely solely on supplementary materials.